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Cookies are small textfiles that are stored on your computer to allow our website to perform optimally. L.A. Larsen does not use cookies to generate statistics, and we can not trace your use of the website back to you. The cookie functionality can be disabled in most web browsers through a menu called "Settings", "Privacy" or something similar. If you disable cookies you will still be able to use larsen.no, but certain functions may not work optimally.

The following cookies are used:

  • LALWeb_Cookie_Language (example: en): This cookie is used to store what language you have chosen. The cookie is automatically removed from your computer when you close your web browser.
  • Privacy and statistics

    When you visit larsen.no your web browser automatically sends information to our server every time you load a page. None of this information will be used to identify individuals.

    L.A. Larsen AS use this information to generate overall statistics of the website usage.